Learning to make stamps!

So, I got my bunnies stolen, blah blah blah, to make stamps...And got a huge creative block over that. Come on , what's the use working for years to create the best pictures you can, only to get stolen when they begin to please? It's traumatizing. 

So I was like, get over it! And took a deeper look at the stolen stamps. And they were so very saccharose, and the example shown so sad, really. No me at all. I began to think about what I would have done with the media.  

It's a tough media, really. Engraving takes hours, and then you get to reproduce a picture again and again, and so you get to see all the little defaults of the picture, everything that turned wrong or could have been better, every time you print it. 

I practiced 4 years in art school. And dropped as soon as it wasn't mandatory anymore.

So when I got back to it, it was kind of a dare. 

But it's different now. I realize I have been practicing some ideas, and drawing over and over some  designs I love. I'm also able to draw images that can be used in a whole bunch of different ways.  After working as an art director, I'm able to imagine different uses for one picture, to make it sound different, and to use it in fun different ways.

Plus, I guess I'm more comfortable with the fact I'm not perfect, can't be perfect, will never be perfect, and embrace it.

Without knowing it, I was ready to get back to carving. I guess I should thank the thief, but it's a bit much :D 

All the designs that you can see here are mine, and as you can see, I'm having a LOT of fun. Stay connected for DIY ideas!