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I have been thinking a lot about my blog recently. I owe it my illustration/designer/art director career so I will not drop it down, for sure. But I needed a little time off to think about what I really want to do with it. Sharing my art is cool, and news too, but I also wanted to talk more about the things I love, and it had been a bit difficult lately to think about that.  Some people in real life have been frankly completely aggressive about how they didn't like to hear about who I am and what I think, and I have been very self conscious about it. I stopped blogging.

And then there was the unfortunate event , about that artist who stole my designs and sold them to a stamp company. I'm very sensitive, and very much someone who believes in being truthful . It's one of the reasons I loved moving to California. Truth here is a solid ground one should be able to stand on...even if there's the inevitable earthquake from time to time. Being stolen by another artist, seeing someone basically saying " this art of yours is mine" is traumatizing. Please consider it when taking images on the internet : if it's not for personal, home use, please ask the author.  I'm always happy to give away my art for school use, for example. Just contact me. 

So. After being scolded for not being what old friends/readers wanted me to be, I'm like...Ok sorry guys but I'll continue being just plain old witty, stubborn, sensitive and mildly unnerving Delphine. Don't take it personally if I read good books, love philosophy, and science, and cute bunnies. It's ok. It's ok if at the ripe age of 46 I still feel I should go and explore and learn and study. It's ok if I enjoy it. It's ok if I'm mildly obsessive about it. Do your own thing, I'll do mine.  

Please also consider that if you are into learning or sharing or are just plain awesome, I will get super enthusiastic about it and push and support you, like an overexcited puppy, until you get annoyed about it. Please just tell me if I'm pushing too hard.

And last and not least, please remember that if I'm a kind person who like cute things, it's not because I'm a weak little thing. I'm big and tall and mildly terrifying if pushed around. Cute is a choice, not a weakness. I was once a professor teaching masters, a manager to up to 30 artists. I can silence a full classroom with a stare.  I'm not good at being bullied, either. I try to be super nice, believe me I really try, but if I'm kind, I'm not weak...and I can get grumpy. Please consider it. 

Kind is the new black, be sure to be fashionable.

So, hi, I'm back, with stuff to show,and stuff to share.  I will talk about my job, and my art, and people I love, and shops I like. All that, and more.

With love:


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