Hello, I'm Delphine

I always have a hard time writing a bio : I'm an artist who loves to do many different things. It's difficult to talk of many different things at the same time. I don't do them at the same time though. I kind of wish I could.
You probably already know me as a children's author. I'm also a Photoshop expert, a picky typographer, a book designer, a photographer, a game designer, a character designer, an Art Director...I'm a painter too. And a paper engineer. And...

I don't believe that an artist should be restricted to one area, and I do study whatever I fancy, software ergonomics, the evolution of pigments in the watercolor palette, the story of a favorite illustrator...  I study several hours every day, since I'm 17.
And I was 17 more than 30 years ago. 

I was lucky enough that whatever I love to study became expertises, and that wonderful people and companies would trust me enough to hire me, to make and share what I love the most : Art.



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