On pinterest, and a surprise

If you are part of my more than 10K(!) followers on Pinterest, then you know that I'm often at it. It's a very good tool for inspiration, ideas, and...fun.  I love sharing good pictures with friends, and I also use it a lot for work with my favorite publisher. Have you seen this? Have you seen that? It's quite easy to share!

In the last few days I went back to engraving, and knew it was time to, at last, pin all the illustrations I made for the blog the past (gasp) 12 years. Yes, my blog is 12 years old. 
I wanted a board to consult when I needed to find a specific picture, and I also wanted quick inspiration for my stamp art. Plus, now the Pinterest algorithm has changed, and I hope you weren't overwhelmed by dozens of Lapin dans la Lune pictures posted at the same time.

If not , I apologize, and direct you to my favorite board so you can forgive me:

portnawak board

Here comes the MAGIC though:

I have been a bit non-plussed with Pinterest lately. If I look at one picture of cool pants, bam, next time I open, 30 pins of cool pants suggested. Giant bunnies? Bam. 30 giant bunnies. A crochet granny? Here's 30 coverlets, and the grannies to go with it.The Book of Kells? Here's the whole island, etc, etc. Not that I don't appreciate the effort, but since I'm not really a monomaniac kind of person, the suggestions always fell flat : I was already onto something else.
But, because I was posting my own pictures, Pinterest began to be very interesting. My illustrations are about things I love dearly,so suddenly tons of interesting pins were suggested! 

So, if you are a bit fed up with your Pinterest feed, pin fun stuff from your favorite bloggers and illustrators as a revenge. Good things will happen :D

And another magical thing happened.  For much of my images, I was suggested an "also in this board" link. And most of the time the board looked like so much fun, that I clicked very fast to follow it, too. There was even one of two boards suggested with my very own name on it, and only pictures of me in them. You guys are one adorable bunch of great people, and I love you very much for that.

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