Bunny stories always end well after all.

I just got an email from the owner of the company who was unknowingly publishing stamps copying some of my designs ( read more about the story here : someone is out stealing bunnies)

Here's what he said:
"It has just been brought to my attention that we used some artwork for some of our products that is very close to your artwork. I have discontinued the products immediately and offer my sincere apologies. We used artwork from a source new to us for a small spring project and were unaware of any issues. "

I checked, and the link to the product page doesn't work anymore, so I believe they did what they said. 
I think I have someone, actually a lot of someone to thank. The owner of Memory Box company, for solving the problem very fast, and recognizing it : there is nothing more frustrating than feeling dismissed, or ignored, when someone steals your designs, and we avoided further problems. Thank you!

And then , my biggest thank you, to you guys!

Thanks for your kind  words, thanks for the links, thanks for the advice, thanks for the support...thanks to the ones who wrote, looked around, and basically :

thank you guys for saving the day.
I feel that the problem was solved faster because I had such a kind support group, and I love you very much for that.


Delphine Doreau2 Comments