A happy bunny story ( that doesn't end well)

A happy beginning :

A few months ago, I was contacted by a delightful art director. They publish cards for Trader Joe's and kindly asked to make a card out of one of my designs. This it's the designs they chose:

You can buy prints of this painting on Society6. I like it so much I actually had it printed for my studio.  You can find it here :
Delphine's Flying Bunnies

They made me a nice, fair contract, actually one of the most respectful and kind I got in my long career. I was SO delighted that I actually painted a more cheerful version of my Flying Bunnies just for them. They didn't ask for it, but I'm always happy to go the extra mile for nice people. Here it is:

You can still find it in your Trader Joe's, please go and buy it, I'm paid when you do it! 
I'm really delighted to have a chance to work with Trader Joe's. They really are nice.

I actually enjoyed myself so much for that project that I decided to go back to that series of animals in this specific style. 

Sooo I was drawing this yesterday:

Cute right? I had a lot of fun drawing it. My son chose the pattern for the jacket, and he was super happy I matched the colors to his stuffed bunny, which is the inspiration for that series. I actually bought a toy umbrella so I could draw the light and structure more accurately.
I record my steps in my journal, so I can analyse the process better. And remember the fun I have, too. Good memories are inspiring to me. I was like, "ho, let's get some new stamps for my journal !" (a journal is prettier in colors) and I went online and found this:

CL5170 Birthday Bunnies clear stamp set

Someone took my flying bunnies , and especially the one in a yellow jacket on top of this post, traced it ( badly) and sold it as a stamp. LIKE THAT. And it's not derivative work, no it's not! It's the same attitude , the same style that took me years to develop, the style I developed for you my readers,for my son, and yes, for myself.

Someone is out stealing bunnies. It's so depressing. I can't work today, I can't paint. I'm going to flop in the hammock. What's the use to work years on something so it gets stolen and people make money out of it? Really?