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A happy bunny story ( that doesn't end well)

A happy beginning :

A few months ago, I was contacted by a delightful art director. They publish cards for Trader Joe's and kindly asked to make a card out of one of my designs. This it's the designs they chose:

You can buy prints of this painting on Society6. I like it so much I actually had it printed for my studio.  You can find it here :
Delphine's Flying Bunnies

They made me a nice, fair contract, actually one of the most respectful and kind I got in my long career. I was SO delighted that I actually painted a more cheerful version of my Flying Bunnies just for them. They didn't ask for it, but I'm always happy to go the extra mile for nice people. Here it is:

You can still find it in your Trader Joe's, please go and buy it, I'm paid when you do it! 
I'm really delighted to have a chance to work with Trader Joe's. They really are nice.

I actually enjoyed myself so much for that project that I decided to go back to that series of animals in this specific style. 

Sooo I was drawing this yesterday:

Cute right? I had a lot of fun drawing it. My son chose the pattern for the jacket, and he was super happy I matched the colors to his stuffed bunny, which is the inspiration for that series. I actually bought a toy umbrella so I could draw the light and structure more accurately.
I record my steps in my journal, so I can analyse the process better. And remember the fun I have, too. Good memories are inspiring to me. I was like, "ho, let's get some new stamps for my journal !" (a journal is prettier in colors) and I went online and found this:

CL5170 Birthday Bunnies clear stamp set

Someone took my flying bunnies , and especially the one in a yellow jacket on top of this post, traced it ( badly) and sold it as a stamp. LIKE THAT. And it's not derivative work, no it's not! It's the same attitude , the same style that took me years to develop, the style I developed for you my readers,for my son, and yes, for myself.

Someone is out stealing bunnies. It's so depressing. I can't work today, I can't paint. I'm going to flop in the hammock. What's the use to work years on something so it gets stolen and people make money out of it? Really?




Bunny stories always end well after all.

Where have you been?