Where have you been?

I was traveling!

First I traveled with my family in Hungary, where my husband worked for two very busy weeks. We hardly saw him but we had a blast visiting Budapest with my son, Le Bu. 

Le Bu is 9 and a delightful, patient child. He drew with me, or was quietly reading and chatting with me while I was painting. We walked a lot and ate a lot, too. Budapest is one of my favorite cities in the world, and didn't disappoint this time too. Here's the Danube, seen from a very comfortable bench, sitting comfortably with my boy. One of my best memories travelling, ever.

Then I had to work ( and visited my family in a very short visit) in Paris, and got lucky enough, on my way to work, to be early, and sketch this on my beloved Pont des Arts. The trees are bigger now, but I remember doing almost the same sketch when I was 18...28 years ago.

And then we had the chance to spend a week-end near Ojai, a cute little city near LA where we live now. It was absolutely lovely and I do hope to go again to relax:

The light is sharper and brighter here than in Paris, hence the inked shadows. I wish I could have stayed longer in Paris, and paint more. I could spend a life painting in Paris. 

And now? I'm working, but will try to come back soon, promised!