5 random facts about del4yo

Cruchotte que je suis , j'allais oublier de passer le relais: Doune, Tomsk, Miss Trop, Adelie (Si elle ne l'ont pas recu )...Et qui ne l'a pas eu!  Je suis desolee je suis un peu moins presente, et beaucoup plus tete en l'air : j'ai beaucoup de travail :)

1. I can't stand sad toys. They can look stupid, though :)
2.Back in the seventies we created with my Brother Chalai a Comitee for saving babies skais. I guess we suggested leather as an alternative.  I created a subscrition card in the nineties, but  the two of us were the only ones to find it funny.
3. Sometimes I'm still eight years old inside.
4. by the way I still draw ✳ stars ✳ the same way as I used to when I was eight. And my favourite leaf motif stayed the same, too.

5. I'm a bit geeky. I put the dimmer of my lamp nearby the scanner. Every morning I turn my computer on, the scan buzz, and the magnetic pertubation switch on the light.  And I find it funny, every morning it makes me laugh.  The light twinkle when I use the scanner, but I can't help it.

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