1 random fact about Del4yo

Random1I can't stand depressed toys. I think it's better when they look stupid. It's even better if they look really weird.

I own a depressed doll. She's with me for 32 years now, and I still hope she will smile someday. I never had the heart to leave her behind me. She looks so sad and I like her so much I just couldn't. 

Plus, I know the story of Vassilissa the Beautiful.

I used to read it with Ivan Bilibine illustrations.  I love this illustrator dearly.
Baba-Yaga the witch frightened me so much that I put the book between my matress and the bed, to be sure that she won't be able to pop out of the book at night.

Maybe that's the reason why I kept the habit to keep my feet IN the bed when I sleep.
You never know.

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