A year in Dublin

A year ago or so I was in California,  packing very fast a lost of stuff that arrived, mostly broken, mostly lost (especially if it was new), half a planet away, in Dublin. I spent months unpacking, repairing and organising.
As I told my son yesterday : last year was to adapt to our new place, this one will be to get installed.  I thought I should draw something to celebrate what was, despite all difficulties, one of our best years ever, and decided to start with the fact that I very, very much enjoy the weather here. It’s always mild, sometimes cold, sometimes wet, but never too hot or too cold that you can’t move around, take a walk, or work. After surviving some awfully cold winters in damp old houses in France, and some exceedingly warm summers in southern California, it’s paradise to me : I have the freedom to move around, and I thought I should celebrate:


Delphine Doreau