The little boxes


I posted some pretty tiny little boxes on Instagram recently, and some artists asked me how to make them. It’s NOT easy. I‘d say you have to be pretty comfortable with paper folding, and cutting precisely. I stopped posting this kind of ridiculously difficult things a while ago, because there’s very little feedback except for the difficulty. I found that a bit frustrating, because I love doing this little jobs of patience. 

But as ever with the Internet, if you don’t find your tribe, you tribe will find you, and voilà, I’m not alone being a paper miniaturist. So here we are, you lovely people, kings and queens of tweezers and magnifying glasses, I’m posting the little boxes specially for you.

Click on the picture to open a printable pdf. The scale I’m working on these days is 1/16, but if you work on one inch scale (1/12), just print it at 133%, making sur you get most of the models. The pdf is a fairly high resolution, on a home printer it should be just fine. These models work best on common printer paper, the boxes are lined so they are actually pretty solid, with a nice, cute weight. I store teeny tiny things in them, and store all the boxes themselves in a bigger one I made, copied on a macaron box, because once you started doing something cute, why stop, right?

I didn’t post models for the mini house or the mini cats, but if you check older posts, you might find them anyway. I just printed them at 8 or 10% of the original size to make the miniatures.

These boxes are for crafters and artists for personal use. If you’re a company and need box designs, please contact me.