For the love of symmetry

Last year they added a new symmetry tool in Photoshop that helps you design radial symmetries very fast. I tested it and put that aside. It’s easy to get really dorky results with that kind of gadgets if you dont have a very precise idea of what you want to do. Plus, this past year wan’t really a drawing year for me. After moving to yet another country, I felt a bit drained and needed to find my “drawing feet” again.

Two days ago I was looking at vintage French decoupage books from the fifties, Suzani designs, and seventeenth century herbal books, and suddenly it just clicked. I knew how I wanted to use the symmetry tool. Inspiration is a weird thing, right?

I spent delightful hours drawing several designs, and I’m thinking of drawing even more. It’s a bit of a mental gymnastic but once I understood how to play with my ideas I had a blast. Wouldn’t these be cute on ceramic tiles? And plates! Plates would be lovely.
Until then, I thought it might be fun to share a selection with you guys.

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Delphine Doreau