A post, at last!

©Delphine Doreau 2017

I finally came round to write again here. This blog tends to take a straight line to illustration stuff, and thing is : I don't do illustration books these days. Art direction linked with illustrations, yes, but books take a lot of time for very little enjoyment. I'd rather do more research, be more challenged. So I switched last year to art direction...I'll talk about it here. And less illustration, even if I will continue to do some. On top of that, I began to paint last year- eleven months ago actually. I chose watercolor because I felt that it will take me a full life to master it. It is really quite difficult, but once again, I needed the challenge. This old dog needs to learn new tricks or she's miserable!

So last year I did art direction for several companies, painted, made movies, logos , watercolors...It really was a fun year, but I had a hard time making it fit in the format of my website. 

But I realized that, hey! It's fun. So I should share it. So from now on, expect all and everything from this blog. Today let's celebrate watercolor, and tomorrow, I might post about exactly anything.  How about cooking, or making movies?

©Delphine Doreau 2016

©Delphine Doreau 2016

This painting I made from a photo that my friend Angel sent me from paris, France. It's the Luxembourg, a parc in Paris, my favorite actually. I really tried to get the autumn ambiance here, the same as the one 20 years ago when I was on this exact trail, walking to art school. I painted the watercolor, scanned it in high resolution, and touched up the colors  to make it perfect. You can buy it here at society6 , and I encourage you to do it : all the money I make from my prints these days will be used to buy a print for my friend who sent me the photo (and if I make more, to buy more watercolor paint).