Tiny house, 2017 version


Every year since 2007, l design a new set of house-shaped paper toys. It started on a whim, after studying xmas villages and putz villages, traditions that where new to me after moving from France. In France we have la crèche et les Santons, which is kind of the same thing, but with an emphasis on little characters. Every year as a little girl I would design new little characters : a bird charmer, a mom with her baby. 

But since I had a baby of my own in another country, l needed a new tradition, something in between my 2 cultures. So I created at first little peekaboo houses (babies love them and I will create some more this year) and then a whole advent calendar in like, 2008 ? Nowadays everybody makes little advent calendar houses, but at this time it was a rather novel idea. Look at me, being nostalgic with a blog !

This year I wanted simple, small ornaments that I could hang anywhere in my messy house. l'm thinking of doing an even more tiny version (these are 2 inches high) but under one inch it gets really difficult to fold and glue, especially with the tabs. It's a cute challenge! 2 inches is just the right size for fun and small ornaments. 

Download the free printable pdf and make a village for your desk ! They are easy to make at this size :