Die blaue Katze

This peculiar animal knows she is not allowed on my desk. But she needed to check what was so much more interesting to me than the birds outside, and  herself inside. She jumped on the desk, directly in my palette, and curiosity painted the cat blue.

I was painting a very un-interesting sketch ( the one on the right) and felt quite disappointed that she didn't step on it with her  paw dipped in phtalo blue. It would have been an improvement. I cried out loud "You silly shrimp!!" ( I'm afraid I'm not very good with insults today, either) so she jumped on the armchair, and run to the other studio, on the other side of the house, were I managed to tackle her.  Try to give a cat a paw bath without a scratch...I did! My first achievement of the day. I put the cat out to dry ( pun intended) , googled " Phthalocyanine toxicity" ( lucky us, not much). And then washed every little paw stamp on the armchair, the floors...It's a very good blue. Phtalo is a very potent color, very difficult to handle on paper...and hardwood floors. 

I celebrated a clean, phthalo blue free house with a phthalo blue sketch...That was so much better than the first one!

Don't tell the cat. She might be proud of it.

A tout seigneur tout honneur: I learned how to splatter efficiently with this enthusiastic post from Anne-Laure of www.watercolorsketching.com