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Hurray for My Town!

Do you want to spend some quality time with your favorite little one? Are you looking for a cute gift for a sweet Bday girl?

I have what you need! 

Fresh from the press! I just got from Amazon: My Town!
This is the American translation of my book who was first published in France. 

It is the cutest village to (easily) construct from age 4-5.  I did my best paper engineering on it to make something cute, playful and creative. 

Come back for more posts about My Town : I will show you how to create a village for play time, how my son transformed it for a scenery for his toy cars, how to make a mobile, and trinket boxes...All that form one inexpensive book.

I am quite proud of the result, and so happy I have a chance to share!

Order it here : My Town



Yohooo! Il est sorti! Voici la version Anglaise de mon livre, et cette fois-ci, hop, sur Amazon et chouette, encore moins cher.  Vu que mon editeur Francais ne le promeut plus, je ne gagnerais probablement pas grand chose  avec, mais je suis ravie de cette occasion de vous montrer toutes les activités  que j'avais prévues avec ce livre. Je n'ai pas eu trop le temps l'année dernière et je le regrette. Vu qu'il est difficile a trouver je rajouterais des activités "sans le livre" pour compléter (on n'est pas des rats non plus)

Alors à bientôt pour plus de fun!


Serendipity (about My Town)

Geeky post-Amazon cloud player