Geeky post-Amazon cloud player

I recently downloaded the Amazon Cloud Player on my Mac. I wasn't about to do it. I'm not too fond of "cloud" anything for other stuff than professional work. Clouds are usually expensive, and there is always the risk that the provider interrupts the service, deleting all your assets and items. 

I use the Kindle for example, but buy paper copies of all my favorite books. I use Netflix but  buy my favorite movies in DVD format. In years from now, I will still be able to enjoy my books and movies. If I don't lose them.

So.Back in the days, like 10 years ago, I used to buy music CDs. Most of them broke, were borrowed, or worse, lost while moving houses.  For that reason I began to buy music in MP3 format. It took less room on my computer, gave us more room in the living room. The disastrous incident of the dumbbells and Air CD was not bound to happen again.

I used iTunes, because you know, I'm a Mac person, and ten years ago Amazon was not on the cloud market. No service existed in misty cloudy form, anyway. And I sticked to it because I hate to have several services at the same time. 

There is not much Cuban Jazz on iTunes , and no albums of a pianist I enjoy very muc, Ruben Gonzales.  Last Saturday, I made drip coffee with my new coffee system, it was sunny and cold outside, and a sunny Saturday morning called for some cheerful notes. So I went straight to Amazon, bought my favorite album for $5 or so, and downloaded the Amazon Cloud Player in the same movement.


To my big surprise, the player also downloaded FOR FREE some of the CD albums I bought between 2004 (when I moved to California) and 2007 when I stopped buying actual CDs. Back were all the albums lost in moves, broken or borrowed. It was a delightful surprise!

If you ever bought CDs on Amazon, you might want to download their cloud player and see what surprise is in tow for you. Maybe an old Bjork CD, some Keren Ann or a forgotten Phoenix album? It feels a bit outdated, but I loved the surprise!

Happy, sunny morning to you.