Sunday find

On Sundays  I usually organize my computer disk in the evening. Looking into my 2005 directory, I found a scan of an old illustration, about me, the cat, and my future hubby. The cat has a bad day without treats, I can't talk before my first cup of coffee, and Prezd's day isn't a good day without a little rugby. I added some colors, and I post it, because 6 years after nothing has changed.  I'm still mute before coffee.


Le dimanche je range mon disque , et en farfouillant dans les archives 2005, j'ai eu la surprise de trouver ce croquis...Hum hum , 6 ans après, la situation et la même, nous n'avons pas changé.


(le Bu ne parle pas avant son lait-C'est le fils de sa mère)