Project #1 - keepsake

Traduction de ce post demain, promis!

Every year since my baby is born I make him a book. A real one for him only, published professionally like on Blurb (there is a lot of different self publishing web sites. I like Blurb, but maybe you'd rather try with Lulu or something else). Last year I made some illos, but this year is a whole different project, and I thought that it would be fun to share my idea with you.

I wanted to celebrate my baby's new vocabulary and speaking skills.We made a list of all the objects our baby was able to name, and gathered them. Then we used my Lowell Ego macro photo studio, but you can build one for less than 10$ with the instructions on Strobist website. 

We took a picture of each object on a white background. Then I Photoshoped them to make a clean picture of each on perfect white. I saved them in jpeg, converted in SRGB, following Blurb's intructions for the right size

©del4yo delphine doreau2008

I dowloaded Blurb's bookmaking software. I put patiently one picture after an other in the book, adding as a comment the name my baby gave to each object, plus the adult name, for educational purpose (haha). 

I re-read it carefully while my hubbie was writing some cute things for the front page. Back to blurb, bingo, in a week or so we will have a special gift for my son : a book he will be hable to read all by himself!


You can make the same project with an older child, gathering his favourite toys...Or do it for yourself with every day objects. It will be a nice memory book in ten years or so.


I will make another tutorial in two days from now, to explain how to make  your pictures cleaner on Photoshop. You have just the time necessary to prepare your studio and do the pictures!