call it a bright day (or call it a day)

oday began as usual. Five in the morning, baby teething, where is my coffee cup. We played. We are not very good at whining so we play and laugh if possible even if it's five and it's just a little bit difficult because I'm not a morning person. But today I put on my magic pink sneakers and it made the day a little bit special. Or maybe seeing my baby trying to catch a beam of sunlight  brightened the day forever.

fter lunch the baby couldn't sleep because you see it will be Fleet day Sunday. The Blue Angels are practicing and they flew so close up our tiny home that it opened the back door wide open. I almost had a panic attack. But I was too busy to make a proper one: by the second I could hear them I was running for the baby. I learned to listen if they were coming close or not, and run to be there to put my hand over my baby's ears before they arrive, quick quick 1, 2, 3 seconds. I always made it. My eardrums are quite OK. What? Can you repeat?
But I won't complain about it because I used to enjoy Fleet day a lot, climbing on the roof and all to see it.

hen  I had this crazy idea to check if the garden behind the long white wall is open to the public, the one looking so bushy with gorgeous vines showing up the wall. Most of the time it's closed and I can see only a tiny bit of it if I walk quick at  constant speed to see between the fence's planks...Yes it's opened to public and yes it was magic. A garden to my taste exactly, messy and full of my favourite plants. One of the gardeners was here . He was very kind , we had a nice conversation about these big spiders and how to plant bamboos...I jumped from flower to fruit showing and naming everything I could to my baby and he was as happy as I was. We both have a huge love for all things green and untidy, I never had to teach him.
I came back home with a precious gift of a tomatoes and squashes we ate for dinner. The sky was blue. We had a lovely lovely time. I promised myself I will come back and help. I love this idea of community gardens. Love it love it love it. I wish I had just a little bit more time to garden.


When I came back home everybody was sending me this link to the new Sony add. I was waiting for it for a very long time since I read an article about it. I love advertising when it's clever.

And then to make it a day I found a new way to make my baby giggle with silly songs.

A bright day.
(all pictures painted in less than 4 minutes)

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