Emily and the Squarrels

Squarrels_01Squirrels are jumping oustide. I make a quick sketch in front of Emily. Emily is 4, she's a good friend of mine.
-"What is it?"
she asks.
-"Aye am drowing squireules"
I answer in my best English.
I try again.
-"Something like this, yes"

I'ts something I really apreciate with Emily, she's always super patient with me.

-"it's not like this. Let me show you"

She left her brother doodle a bit...
And then, very concentrate, she draws this at the end of my page.
It takes her a lot of time.



She shows me kindly. She looks pretty sure of herself. I don't oppose.
It would be very rude to insist with such a patient and nice friend.


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