A bunny portfolio

I've been told that my portfolio's  sometimes a bit overwhelming. Mind me, I like to keep busy and learn new things, so there's a lot of different things. Maybe I should make themed portfolios. It does make sens, considering that I painted the textures on this and some of this with the same brushes I used to paint my bunnies, it can get confusing. 

So hey, how about a bunny portfolio? I've been asked for one, isn't the idea delightful? So here we are. Bunnies, or more exactly, digital painterly illustrations of woodland animals.
Click on the picture for a larger view.

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©Delphine Doreau 2017

These Pictures are copyrighted, published, etc : all rights reserved.

At least 3 of these pictures were stolen by lazy artists. Especially the mouse,  didn't you like my sad little mouse ! I didn't like it much at first because it's not really cheerful, but I came to really hate it after it was stolen for clothing, embroidery, cards and websites. Each iteration was sadder than the other.  Please consider before doing so, that I will find out...and contact your publisher and/or website provider. I give all the money I make from restitution of stolen pictures to charities, so expect me to be brazen about it : it's easier to be courageous when you fight for others.

Delphine Doreau