Bouquet final (grand finale)


This is the last post for this year Midwinter Festival, and as such, I'll go with a flourish, and a post that should fit 3.

First of all, this year is the tenth anniversary of the first Tiny House. I created the first tiny houses ever for my son's first Noel. He was 7 months old, So I created something special: a peekaboo house. As the ornament turns on its string, the character inside hides and shows by the windows. It's still a huge success with babies (beware they don't crush it). So for ten years of tiny houses I went back to the first model and updated it for you. Click on the picture to download a printable pdf. Enjoy!


This, for the little ones. For the adults who read me and are now experienced paper engineers, I created a new Delfts Blauw ornament. It's not an easy paper craft but not a difficult one either. Try to fold it first, marking the folds with a blunt tool. It just rolls unto itself, the difficulty being mainly in the patience you'll need. Click on this second printable to download and enjoy!

Last, some of you wrote me because you had difficulties printing from your Window PC.  I'm against playing the IT here, I find it's expecting a bit too much of my kindness. But it's Xmas so...

Here's a light (75% lighter) version of the card some of you had a hard time printing, enjoy!

I wish you happy, merry Holidays, with lots of cheers and loads of chocolate.
With love: