This one to share with a friend in Milano, and news from friends all over the world


A friend in Milano (ciao Nicoletta)  is kind enough to make all my paper crafts...She posted them on Instagram and I noticed that some were displayed in her kitchen, with the dishes and such. So I made some cute mugs to match her kitchen. 

The little cups are good companions for a cute display of the kokeshi I posted a few days ago. You can download them here. Talking about kokeshi, my friend Amélie had fun with them too, and I can't wait to show you the result.

  This past two years made us deal with some quite dreadful times. I had a hard time getting back to illustration and cute paper crafts this December. I found difficult to evoque the spirit of the season in my usual, enthusiastic way. It felt a bit like a duty at first ...But friends here and on Facebook and Instagram reacted with such cheer and kindness to my first posts, that actually the contrary happened: I came here to cheer you up, but I'm the one feeling cheered up. Thank you for your kind comments and fun, sweet art. I'm delighted to be part of this!


You don't need to make the kokeshi to enjoy the little cups. They make delightful ornaments on their own. They come in five designs and two sizes for you to enjoy. They do are a bit more complicated than my usual models, and might require adult help for the youngest.  Click on the picture at the end of this post to download a printable pdf.


Talking about the youngsters, Le Bu, who is ten years old now (can you believe it?) and has much better English than me, being born here and all, translated the French instructions I wrote for you.  Please be kind enough to live a note for him in the comment section if you find them well written.


Thanks again for the cheers and the likes and the love. See you soon! 




Click to download printable

Click to download printable