Super fast raspberry frozen yogurt recipe

I was about to talk color theory again, but it's 100º fahrenheit in LA today and instead I came up with this:

Super fast raspberry frozen yogurt recipe:
(vegetarian, glutenfree)

You will need frozen raspberries, sugar or raspberry jam, plain yogurt.

1. Microwave a mug of frozen raspberries until partly liquid. It will reduce to 1/3 of the mug, it's ok.
2. Add sugar or Bonne-Maman raspberry jam to taste (very little if you want a good excuse to add whipped cream)
3. Add plain yogurt, lassi or kefir ( again, to taste). Leave room for whipped cream.
4. Put 2 hours-ish in the freezer. Remove before it freezes solid.
5. Add whipped cream (at last!) 

Eat very fast before your family spots you and asks you to share and/or make some more.

Delphine DoreauComment