This and that....and a susuwatari brush

I'm working, as you know, on two books at the same time these days. It's a bit epic,365 pages of paper toys. Loads of fun. But as I find myself getting more and more tired, my brain is like, going rogue, and sending me bursts of unexpected inspiration.

I was working, very fast, on a digital brush that reproduces exactly my real life brush and ink on paper. It's really important, as I am not one to convert everything in vectors. Vectors are another kind of fun. So I was almost reaching my goal, with the exact amount of texture and feathering and ...did I tell you that I'm a Photoshop expert? I am. Yes I am. For 25 years. So I was making this very professional brush and suddenly in the middle of reaching my goal and getting to touch up one very important sketch ...It suddenly occurred to me that I could , yes I could, hide a little susuwatari in my perfect ink brush. Like this : 

Hee hee...When you draw with the Wacom (or any stylus really) it's a perfectly balanced, light on memory Photoshop brush with a little feathering like ink on paper...but when clicking with the mouse, click, click , here comes the susuwatari!

You can download it here. Use it if you please on commercial jobs, but you are not allowed to redistribute or sell it. Please link to this post instead.

This brush will probably work with Photoshop CC only.