Make your own stickers! (plus printable)

Yesterday I show you how to make your own stamps, today where will see how to make stickers out of them. It's quite simple really, You just have to print them on "full sheet tag paper" or "sticker paper". The hard part is actually to FIND the paper. 

I wanted cream colored, recycled, acid free paper for high quality stickers, and the only one I could find is NEENAH CLASSIC CREST Classic Natural White Labels . It's sold by pack of a hundred sheets. It's quite nice if, like me , you intend to craft dozens of DIY out of it, but other wise you might want to look for  cheaper "full sheet labels", "label paper", "sticker paper"...this sort of thing . It comes in all prices , make sure you check the number of sheets you buy.

So. You print your stamps on the sticker paper. Try to make nice little lines for a little trick I'll explain you later. 

OR. If you don't care about making your own stamps, really don't have the time, or feel a bit lazy today ( which is just fine, lazy days are good days) ...Just print my sheets of stickers on sticker paper! Here its is:

But, WAIT! Before printing:

-make a little print test with cheaper paper. Make a mark on a sheet of paper, feed it through the printer, making note if the mark is on top or on the back of the paper, print, and check if the mark is on the printed side or not...You definitely don't want to print your stickers on the wrong side of the sticker paper.
- check that your printer can handle thicker paper. Mine ( and several other printers I owned) have a "thick paper and envelopes" option. Look for it in the system preferences/printer options of your printer, or on the dialog box on the printer itself. 

If your printer can't handle the thicker paper, I recommend to either :
1. Make your own stamps (find the tutorial here) and print them on sticker paper.
2. Or print on normal paper and buy a sticker machine. I have a litte Xyron one(that you can buy here for less than $10. Make sure to follow the instructions. I use it to print stickers on washi paper, very chic!

Once printed, star to cut out your stickers, living a nice fat white line around the sticker. I have a little trick. Separating the sticker from the back paper can be a bit tricky, so I get my OLFA  topsheet cutter and make a slit ONLY in the backing paper.

stickers010 - 1.JPG

Zip, in the back. I found myself a bit silly to buy such a specialized tool, but I reach for it all the time. So yes, a little slit in the back like that the back paper separates in two when you bend it a little :

Don't even try with a normal utility knife. I managed to do it right once or twice until I ruined a whole line of stickers.

Another cute trick : for these, I printed my stamps with Tsukineko  StazOn ink  ...on masking tape! I love this little ones.


So? All set? Yes! Aren't these the cutest?

Tomorrow I'll give you some news, but in two days I'll give you ideas on how to pack and use your cute stickers!