Color your ornament

Last year I made delightful little houses ornaments, just big enough to tuck in a little flameless light . You can find them here : my little houses , and if you look in this category of my blog, there's even more : little houses on Delphine's blog.

I was thinking of doing a watercolor version, and I did, but you'll get it later...if you ask for it in the comments. There's little to nothing as comments on this blog this day, and while I'm quite OK with it, sometimes I would be happy with a little feedback from you guys! I see here and there that people still do, print, enjoy my paper toys and illustrations, and sales tell me, too, that you like my stuff but it will help me to know more. So, hello, how have you been? Do you like red, green or blue this winter?

Anyway. I started to make a watercolor version, it was a bit late in the day and my big adorable boy came back for school with his best friend. I suggested to do it together. I usually lose against Minecraft, but this time when I talked about building ornaments they were really interested. 


So we printed some white ones and they colored them, and they were really into it, and proud of themselves when it was done! We printed more so Best Friend could bring them home, and a bigger one for his little sister, to make it more easy to color. I really, really liked that an 8 years old boy was able to suggest technical improvements for a 3 years old. It's lovely, don't you think?

I suggest printing on sturdy paper, for exemple 80lb ( 120gsm), what they call "cover" paper for printers. The ornaments will last years like that, if stored properly. It's easier to cut out and color, too. I still have ornaments made 7 or 8 years ago from good, strong paper, but the ones I made on regular paper last year look a bit tired today. 
My favorite boys did this, I hope yours will have a lot of fun too!


So here we are, click on the picture to print 2 little houses and a big one for your little sister, as we did.