An autumn with friends

Fall and spring are my favorite seasons. I'm hugely fond of California spring that starts in January and ends in July if we are lucky. 6 months of spring, can't do better than that. But fall is a bit sad, especially here in LA. Deciduous trees here are suffering a lot from the drought, so trees are either evergreen or half dead.  It makes for a very sad fall!

My friends from all over the Northern Hemisphere began to post beautiful pictures of their backyards and gardens, and walks in parcs in beautiful red shades.  I felt a little bit frustrated until I decided to actually enjoy it. I'm enjoying their beautiful fall... by painting watercolors from the photos. I was afraid it would be a bit dull, or awkward, but it's actually a very nice way to be with people I care for. 

All rights reserved, Delphine Doreau 2016

So here we are, first watercolor, with Deedeen bird in Switzerland. How about Canada and Oregon next? 

All rights reserved Delphine Doreau 2016

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