For a better Facebook feed

I find Facebook exceedingly difficult to handle. I stopped caring for people who were less demanding than that. But it is the one social website where everybody is, so I learned how to use it, let's share the love! Here's a little how to:

To see more of favorite friends:

Click on your name on the top of the page, then on the left click "friends". On each friend, hover on "Friends" and choose "get notifications" or/and "close friend".
Be a good friend and like, comment, and share your friends' posts to see more of them.
If you want to see less, don't get notifications, add them to the list "acquaintances", or unfollow (but stay friends).

Now you can use Lists of Friends while posting, too.  Post to "close friends" only, or to "all your friends except acquaintances". 
I have a list called "mousquetaires" for my close French friends who like to craft and are mothers, like that my US friends don't see my frequent posts in French about crochet and education!

Create a secret group for your Friends who share special interests and invite your Friends!
I have one I share with a few French artists with a strong sense of logic and poetry. It won't be interesting for everybody, but to us it's sheer delight.

You can also click on the top right arrow (dark blue on blue, it's not easy to find) , then choose "news feed preference", and click "prioritize who to see first" . You can choose 30 people you really would like to hear more about. I wish I could have 100...You can also unfollow ( but stay friends) and reconnect.

 To see more of a favorite page:

  • Click on the tiny arrow on the right and choose : activity log  
  • Then  on the left click on  : Likes
  • It opens a Menu, choose Pages and interests
  • Hover over each Facebook page you really like : a window will pop up
  • Hover over Liked and choose"get notifications" : this will tell you when they post
  • You can also do the same but choose Following and click "see first", You can only have 30 people that you can see first, though. 

To see my page in your feed : 

go to my page:

Delphines' Facebook page (click click)

Then click the arrow on the Liked button ( it won't work on your phone, only on a computer)

then : Get Notifications, or See First ( I love you too)

If you want to see interesting posts, do the usual : like, share, and comment on the posts!
I made sure to like and comment on my favorite posts. I also save links  ( grey arrow on top of the posts), so Facebook dutifully gives me more.

On the contrary, when you get too much of a feed, unfollow, or , if you just want a bit less, click on the grey arrow of a post, click " hide post", and then if it's really annoying  "see less from (insert page/name here)" . For exemple, I made my best to unfollow every post from all the newspapers I read that talk about one candidate I find exceedingly rude.
It took time but it works!

Facebook will bring back feeds you don't care for. For example, one pop star after another actually pops on my feed ( maybe that's the reason why they are still called pop stars) . I dutifully delete every "trending" posts about uninteresting People. 

Most of the time, if you follow these rules:

  • delete and unfollow what you don't care for

  • like, comment and share what you are interested in

    Then you will have a happy feed!