My favorite thing to do


We went to the museum today. And stopped to grab a bite first, because one can't be expected to enjoy art on an empty stomach. 

We draw while waiting for coffee  . We bring a sketchbook and colors wherever we go, because you never know. And it's the right thing to do, really, because last time we went out we ended in the emergency room (nothing bad, everybody is allright, thanks), and we were so glad to have our sketch books while waiting.

Anyway. We were having the quietest of all quiet times, and my son said in a calm and happy voice : " You know, drawing in a café with you is my favorite thing to do".  

It's mine, too, and I told him, of course. After that we went to see art and I explained all and everything the best I could, making it a fun moment, and he liked that very much, too.

It made me think.  We are always organizing activities for our children, beach, sports and games, all things very good and nice. But sharing our lives is their favorite thing to do.   


" Tu sais Maman , dessiner au café avec toi, c'est ce que je préfère faire"

" Ça tombe bien, moi aussi. Il faudra qu'on le fasse à Paris , maintenant que tu sais dessiner ce que tu vois"   

On oublie, au milieu du tourbillon de la vie de nos enfants, entre l'école, le sport et les activités diverses, que ce qu'ils préfèrent faire, c'est être avec nous.