Matrioshka ornament

Finally! It took too many tries, really. I think I tried every base possible, from octahedron to pentagon.  I made these cuties  with a friend in mind ( hi Kristen!) , but realized that 80% of my friends would love it too, so here we are sweeties, enjoy! 

This is my desk at the end of the day, isn't it a bit silly? But I am happy I did it, aren't they pretty?

Matrioshka paper toy! Print them on different scales for different sizes, string them and trim the tree, decorate your desk, surprise your roomate!

They are very simple to do, but it's a bit of a slow process because there is a lot of folding. I made one in like 10 minutes, while watching Netflix. Make sure to cut all the black lines and fold all the blue lines and you will be OK. Click click to download, enjoy:

(all rights reserved, no commercial use)

Comme m'a dit mon fils , d'un ton très concerné : "Tu sais les gens avec la tête plate, ça n'existe pas" .  Et il joue à Minecraft, en plus. Hihi.

Au cas ou vous ne parleriez pas un mot d'anglais: click click pour le pdf, imprimez, coupez bien toutes les lignes noires, pliez bien toutes les lignes bleues, collez les languettes en paratnat du bas. C'est très facile si on prend son temps!