Bingo card #2

One of my friends has a little boy who started kindergarten and will sometimes stay at daycare, and she would like a loto game for him to enjoy "quiet time" ... I had started one, a long time ago, but there was only one card, and of course we need more! So I decided to go through my archives to complete it, each card a different style. It will add fun and playability...And it's certainly not something a publisher would let me do, so let's have fun!

To play, you download and print  the card twice, then glue them on good strong paper (or plastery them) and then cut all the chips on a one of the  card.   Put all the cards in a bag or a box, give cards to all the players, and start, each person choosing a (blind) card after the other. If the card is not for you, give it to your neighbor!

You can also cut the cards on both the prints and use it as a memory game...

This game is for personal use and is not royalty free.