Juste une surprise

En passant, pour ma copine...Celles-ci, je les ai faites en double, un set pour elle, un set pour moi...Je te les envoie vite Delphinette!

Beaucoup d'inspirations différentes, ca commence à faire quelquechose de très personnel, qu'en pensez-vous?

I liked this set so much I made 2, one for me , one for my friend. I got inspired from several ideas :

one of my favorite themes in illustration ( woolen scarves)

my favorite theme for sosaku kokeshi (chestnut),

another sosaku theme I like : winter children

geometric simple shapes,

and 3 colors I found delightful together!

I also wanted them to look like having a different interaction together when placing them differently, hence the eyes and expressions that have a slight direction...I think it's beginning to come together as something really personal , I am quite happy!