Où je me fais mener par le bout du nez, un peu

We had our dear friends  visiting the other day, a short and happy visit. While the boys were  running around making robots noises , miss A., six years old, took firmly my hand with her very little one and said " I want to make a project" in that cute mousey voice of hers.


I suggested we painted kokeshi ( I know dolls are not her thing. I said kokeshi) , and so we did. I grabbed all the tools and material. We went outside and painted. I did one doll, she did another. I thought it was the end of it, but no.



She looked at the kokeshi and said : "They need houses!". So inside we went, I looked for cardboard and yellow duct tape and all that sort of things, and I built houses, we choose color schemes, and we decorated the tiny houses with real chiyogami paper.

I thought it was the end of it...because kids have the attention span of a butterfly, right?

No way ! She played two minutes with hers,  and exclaimed : " this house needs a backyard!!"

I said : "your are on your own". She gave me a long, big eyed , reproaching look, and I gave her a piece of cardboard, crayons, and two cocktail umbrellas, and here she was, coloring and making  a cute garden for her house.   It was tea time, and it's a sacred time for adults, whatever cute little girls say. She made a very pretty garden on her own.

I was bracing myself for ideas for a pond, a garage, and maybe a market, but this time she was finished and went to play with the boys.  

I think we have another artist to count with, don't you? Truly amazing!



I will keep mine on my shelf, to remember the one time a 6 years old had more inspiration than me ;)