A Parisienne in LA

I loved  the Bay Area to bits,and adapted marvelously to the way of life up there. We moved 3 years ago to LA and I have a hard time adapting yet.

If I was into short shorts, body cult, designer bags and very high platform heels maybe I would get settled more easily, but unfortunately, I am the quiet coffee shop/sweet bookstore/floral dress/comfort shoes kind of gal. I am not too fond of the beach. I am not too fond of the sun. I do value photosynthesis, but mostly in trees.
And since people here are very kind but very eager to teach me how to live ( because, hey, I am a foreigner and I come from a barely civilized place) , at some point, I got fed up. I needed out. So I decided to bring back a bit of Paris Village into my life , and went for: 

The Farmer's Market!! There is a very nice one on Santa Monica with fruits and plants and locals, on wednesdays there is mostly people who need food and not to show off. A part from "the photographer taking candid pictures" and various bunches of "wannabe top model trying to find non fattening food" it feels rather urban like Paris or San Francisco. I really liked it. I bought strawberries, succulents, and cute little radishes to cheer me up. They were delicious ( I didn't eat the succulents though).

I had a nice, fresh, green stroll, and I ended up with a very Parisian after market staple:

A nice espresso in a quiet , quiet coffee place. I went for espresso. I will stick to it from now, after 10 years of " let's adapt to America lattes", it was nice to go back to the Parisienne favorite " un petit café".

This is not a cup from my quiet coffee place. I won't show a picture of my quiet café. It took me 3 WHOLE YEARS to find a quiet place . A place with good music, nice coffee, and where nobody dares to YELL to his neighbor how fantastic of a life he has. I noticed that, for LA people, the less interesting the conversation, the louder the voice.  My friends Lisa and Joanne are very interesting people, so they are barely whispering. Once I heard a guy talking to a girl he liked : he almost screamed comments about this laundry list. This is unfortunately absolutely true.

So. I found a quiet place where I can doodle and they don't mind. I found a quiet spot and I am very happy!


The good news? Its means more posts and drawings for you! I love to work in cafés and I was a bit frustrated. I have a nice terrasse for summer days, but not much for the winter, and haha! This time is gone. Bring da sketch book.


I need to improve on my Parisian skills in LA. Any recommandations? I need a quiet parc with tree shade and nobody smoking crack, a quiet bookstore with a knowledgeable owner, and some floral dresses for giant me!