Foldable #6 (advent surprises)

Today I will share with you a little bit of my favorite magic. I practice origami for more than twenty years now, and my all time favorite is the oritsuru, the origami crane. I find that no other model has the same quiet balance, and the same uncanny  way to make chiyogami patterns thrive.

I created some very special origami papers  today. Here they are for you to download ( no commercial use, thanks) .They will look nice on other origami models too, but should be specially striking with the crane, making geometrical  patterns morph into other geometries.  Fold them and watch were patterns and color end up on the model!

As a bonus, here is a very slow motion movie of me folding a crane, so you can see how to do it. If you prefer step by step diagrams, I looked on the internet for someone who folds the same way as I do ( I know at least 5 different ways to fold the crane) : How to fold an Origami Crane  by Aidan Dysart .


Si vous ne pliez pas, c'est l'occasion d'essayer! Bon, la grue n'est pas le modele le plus facile, mais de toujours, à mon avis, le plus zen ( stricto sensu) à plier, et surtout, celui qui met le plus en valeur les jolis chiyogami. Et justement, cliquez sur les nuages , vous pourrez télécharger deux papiers que j'ai crée juste pour la grue, pour accentuer la magie de ce pli qu'on dit millénaire . Observez bien en pliant ou se retrouvent les motifs, c'est étonnant!