Tagologie (advent #11)

I designed some cute gift tags today. They are sturdy and printed on both sides thanks to a little fold and glue.  "Joyeux Noël" means "Merry Xmas" in French. 

The hardest part was to find a circle puncher. I have apple and bunny shaped punches, angels and smileys, flowers and animals...But only one that makes a simple, round shape. It felt a bit silly looking for it. 

I found them so cute that I made some more, with a blank back . It's exactly what I need to tag my craft drawers! Use them to write your own message in your favorite language.

Aujourd'hui j'ai fait des étiquettes pour mes cadeaux...Et puis en fait elles me plaisent tellement, j'ai rajouté une deuxième feuille sans le "Joyeux Noël", elle vont me servir à marquer mes tiroirs . 

Click on the picture to download the printable, enjoy!