Oiseau chic, truc de choc

As much  I love my computer, as much I am not too fond of the exterior design. It is simple, but very much gray, and worse of all , gets smeared and scratched easily. It's not very much uplifting, right? I have some very cute things on my desk, and the computer looked a bit sad in the middle of all my cheerful knickknacks  and thchochkes . 

So I acted on it. I took a picture of my mother's formica table ( the one I learned to do crafts on), extracted the pattern, changed the color, added a pretty pretty bird, made it big, small, etc, uploaded the result on Society6 , ordered the most simple design because my desk is a bit, hum, messy... 

And it came this afternoon, and it was really easy to install my computer, the colors were exactly like I made them, and now my desk looks like this:

I know, it's still a mess, but a very pretty one, no? Now my computer looks very much loved, and new, and pretty, and the mess is still a mess but at least it's my kind of mess, not a pretty mess with a grey wall, and fingerprints on it.  Now when my computer is closed, I don't feel the compulsion to polish it with alcohol anymore, I just feel warm and cosy like in my Maman's kitchen, back in France. It is not the same feeling at all. 
You can buy the same sleeve, and some more I created for you, here : my society6 collection of sleeves

Talking about pretty computers :
If you have a laptop too, here's a little geek trick for you...The simplest DIY ever!

I kept fumbling with my Wacom and external drive USBs, and my computer got very scratchy around the plugs. First you have to bend to find the hole on the side of the machine, then turn several times the USB plugs to try to plug it the right way...The whole process is not very practical . I dislike unpractical even more than beige . I noticed that USB plugs are exactly as large as washi tape...And washi tape doesn't leave glue on metal or plastic ( at least the good quality ones) . So I grabbed a bit of tape and put it on top of my compter exactly where the USB hole is. And I grabbed the USB plugs and put one stripe of tape on the right side of the plug.

HAHA! Now I  connect my USBs without fumbling. I like that.  

Happy geek! Comes in pretty colors and patterns!

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