A bit of stress, and calendar.

It was a bit stressful yesterday in Santa Monica! As you might now, there was a shooting spree while our President was around. I was not a happy time.

We were safe and OK, but the schools were in lockdown for a pair of hours.  I had to wait a century or two to get my son back .

We were all worried and looking for our friends and family because the shooting happened in a very quiet and busy area. Ambulances and firetrucks were running all around with sirens screaming and helicopters buzzed their loud songs very late at night. I am sorry for the families who lost cherished ones, for the ones who got hurt, for all of us who got a good fright. 

June calendar: click and download. No commercial use. Enjoy!

I wasn't going to post about it, and then I realized, I have something to say.

What do you do in this kind of hard times? Well, there is nothing much to do. I am no hero, and wasn't needed anywhere once I got my son back and thanked the teachers who took care of him during the lockdown ( thanks again guys, you are the real stars here). The best I could do was not to panic, and help my son to go through these moments. I explained what was happening in a minimum words and details. 

Then I crafted.

When I was waiting in a cafe for the end of the lockdown?
I did origami.

When my son was getting antsy, and nervous because of the helicopters around the neighborhood?
We draw and cut out some fun bunnies for our walls, made decorating plans and mounted a nice little ikea cart.

When my son didn't want to sleep in his own bed and fell asleep on my lap with the helicopters still buzzing around? 
Guys, I had a beer, listened to some punk rock on my headphones , and crocheted some amigurumi.


And all that crafting helped us going through the stress and the noise. In stressful times, the best things you can do is get out of the way, take care of your beloved ones, and craft!

I didn't realize how the fact I could make things was such a support in my life. Making things brought fun friends, things to share, and things to do to keep my hands and mind occupied. I like it. What a good excuse to find time to do more!

So go for it people : learn to do things. Get crafty. It's more useful than you think. 


(and if you really want to know what I think about the shooting, I think that access to war weapons shouldn't be that easy)