DIY house ornament

Here is my new ornament! Isn't it cute? When you peek at the window you can see a cute decorated tree inside ^^ 


Make this little house for a friend, for your tree, or just for fun.

click to download

Enjoy! I inspired myself from my book "My Town" this time. The house in My Town are precut  (hurray! I hate cutting out, I am not patient) and more easy to build, get it if you want to make more little houses for a pretty Christmas ^^

I ran out of my author's copies, and I will have to buy some more myself to decorate my tree. Orderin' now!




Un ornement pour le 25 du calendrier...Ou juste pour le plaisir! Je le trouve très très mignon, il va rester au dessus de mon bureau, je vais refaire d'autre maisons de "Mon Village" pour l'arbre.

Amusez-vous bien!