The one where I got my own kindness back

My son like things to work immediately. He loves math. Math always works, is always true, and at his age, is done in a snap. Drawing is hard, needs some work, and is especially disgruntling when you have a  Maman  who draws at every spare moment she gets.


So when he draws I am super supportive, cheers and hurrays fall from the sky. If I could start a firework for each bunny or tree drawn I would happily do it.


The other day I was grumpily sketching on my book. There might have been overuse of the eraser. And a bit too much dark eyes scrutinizing over a tea mug. 

So le Bu, who was happily drawing maps and instructions on his side of the table, stopped, put his (blue) pencil on the table, took a quiet look at my sketchbook and said with the exact cheerful tone I comment on his art:

"It is really OK Maman, I find these very cute"

I felt like being handled a mirror, but the reflection, for once, was really not that bad.