Put the friends back into Facebook

With two cultures and two countries I love , Facebook is an important tool to me. I use it to follow people I love, friends I care, and website and groups I like. I have a page for the Non Dairy blog friends  , and a private page for my close friends and family only . I am cnot a social butterfly, and enjoy on this platform the cosiness of village sharing.

Cosiness which I found more difficult to enjoy these days: Facebook was giving me more and more advertising, highlighted pages I don't care much for (but the companies paid to be highlighted) and got less and less news about the ones I really care for (like the Chouettekits page) My friends were lost in the mess, and it felt exactly like when you listen to the radio and there is more advertising than music. Not my cup of tea. 

So I looked closely at the problem, and discovered that the fact that I "friended" someone or even considered him or her as a "close friend" didn't mean I would get all the updates. Same thing with the pages. If you like a page, unless the owner pay for it, you won't get much updates. And of course, the interesting ones are not the one who can pay for it (including me).

 So what can I do ? Well, I can be proactive about it. I went to ALL my close friends pages, and ALL the pages I really like , and did this:

1.Go on the friend home page or "liked" page of choice

2.Find and click on the "friend" or "like" button (it's under the page banner) and
click on the "get Notifications" link.

Like this:

Do that for all your friends and all the pages you really like (don't forget mine!)
For an even more cosy experience, I made a list of my favorite girlfriends to make sure I won't miss anything. 

Et voilà.

Back to the village. I still have a little advertising, but it's not the bulk of my Facebook experience, and it feels so much better! I hope this will help you enjoy Facebook a bit more.