Travail de commande

I played a little with the "draw something app" ( unfortunately I don't have time to play much these days, it's fun)'s real good to improve my illustration skills.
My son watches me play and comments a lot...there is some designs he really liked!
Tonight he was very sad to go to bed : he wanted me to redo a drawing I made for the word "Bain" ( bath time in French). So I made this on my iPad and printed it. He will find it tomorrow when waking up, so much fun!

Je n'ai plus trop le temps de jouer sur Draw Something, c'est dommage, c'est super chouette, j'aime beaucoup. Mon fils regarde et commente, il est ravi. Ce soir il était triste parcequ'il voulait que je lui refasse l'illo que j'avais faite pour le mot "bain" qu'il a beaucoup aimé. Je l'ai refaite sur l'iPad en utilisant Artrage, il la trouvera demain imprimée ...chouette!