Summer sketchbook

I began to draw patterns and pictures because I was aware of copyrights problems. Every details and patterns you see in my illos is mine.

I would never, ever use someone's else work in my illustrations. But I still gather bits and stuff in my creative path,and I am quite fond of washi paper. It was really frustrating not to use those bits and piece, and they do are part of my inspiration. So I decided that this summer I will have a special sketchbook where I will glue and have fun with every bit of paper I like (it's called decoupage and it's legal). I think it's OK to show you, as long as I don't make money out of it. And if I ever use these professionally I will change the glued pieces for pieces of my own.

I found the washi tape here : Hiromi Paper but they don't sell it online , I saw some at Uguisu, it's from Mihoko Seki. The golden cat was on the pack! Other washi tape from mt of course, stamps and tags from Japanese dollar stores, unfortunately I don't have references. Decoupages and drawings by me, Delphine.

The french stuff in the page is basically rambling about the day and the fact that people are not so fond of cats in westside LA. I am!