Camera love

A lot of people have been asking me what kind of camera I use because they like my pictures (thanks!). I use a Canon S90 and a t3i, and do some professional touch up in Photoshop. This is not easy, I worked 18 years in movie effects and I use Photoshop since 1991...But for a lot of my pictures, I also use or mix effects on my iPhone/iPad or even take directly pictures with cool apps on my iPhone. It's easy, fun, and fast too. These apps  require no more genius than the one of pointing and shooting...Which is another story. But for you app lovers and bloggers, here's a few of my favorites. Have fun! 

This little birdie was taken with Hipstamatic.  It's like a fun camera in your iPhone Camera. It reproduces the effect of toy cameras, it's professional enough to be used for blogging. You can buy extra lenses and films, but the primary set is nice enough to begin with.





This bouquet in the hand of a sculpture in my favorite Parisian garden is actually a photo taken with Hipstamatic, and then gone through Instagram. Instagram is  actually a photo sharing application ( I use it everyday for blogging) , but it has cropping, resizing, a nice set of filters and a fake tilt shift effect : enough to give some snappiness to a good shot. No wonder Instagram is the app of the year on iTunes.




  This cute picture with my favorite cup and a bunny was shot with Hipstamatic,  then I added the bunny with Signote and posted with Instagram (do I sound a bit geeky or is it just me?). Signote is just the kind of app that make me giggle in a happy geeky way. It helps you integrates doodles in a picture and does that in seconds. I wish I had less of a busy day so I could play with it all day long. 




OK. I have like 23 photo apps on my iPhone and iPad so I might stop here for today. This is a test post. Please be kind enough to leave me a comment  if you liked it( but, pretty please, not the I use only free apps and I didn't get an iPhone for Christmas kind of comment). Would you like me to continue to share the best apps I found in iTunes?


(desolee, pas en Francais...Trop de blabla a traduire!)