Sketchbook cover for the crafty artist.

It is possible to find cute sketchbook, but the paper is often so-so. Sketchbooks with extra nice paper are designed for serious people, preferably male, in unfavorite colors like brown or black. Unless one can import Italian sketchbooks (the only fancy pretty ones), one will be stuck with a black sketchbook. I find drawing pretty things in a black sketchbook  frustrating if not uninspiring. I used to glue fabric on my sketchbooks, but gluing light fabrics on black is a time consuming challenge! 

So I bought a very pretty and expensive Italian sketchbook from Fabriano, only to realize that the cover was so nice I wanted to protect it.

Going through my Japanese Craft books I was remembered that fabric book covers are quite fashionable. So I tried to design a simple but extra cute book cover for my sketchbooks, and added an elastic to make sure they won't open in my bag. This is my first attempt, it's very simple, but I made a tutorial anyway for those of you who want to give it a try!


En Français: un inch c'est 2,54 cm! Posez des questions dans les coms si vous ne comprenez pas, je repondrais avec plaisir.