Cake topper tutorial

The cake topper I made for my friend is fairly simple to do, but I realised that if you don't know how how to, it's difficult to know where to start.So I made a little tutorial for those who want to try a hand at it. You will need air dry clay, acrylic gouache (or acrylic paint) , a bit of cardboard , a bit of Japanese masking  tape

 The biggest tip I could give you if it's the first time you try your hand at it, is to remember it's not about perfection but about having fun and sharing a bit o'love.


Let's go! First, how to make the shapes:


Then, how to paint them:

Acrylic paint and clay shouldn't be in contact with food, so make sure to add a stand! 


Thanks to my friend Adélie for her patience and help to choose the right clay while my son was cavorting around us, and thanks to my son for the help, love, choosing the greens because ti's his favorite color , and for sharing my brushes and his chocolate, always.


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