Kickcan & Conkers

Kickcan and Konkers quickly became one of my favorite blogs. Deborah has great taste. She finds cute vintage or modern games,  prints and books and shares  them in a truly inspirational way. There is nothing hipster or snob in her blog, and I spend a lot of time browsing- especially during those past weeks when I was in a gloomy and sad mood.

The other day I found some Japanese tags made out of the cute Czetch stamps she used for her banner. I sent Deborah a link. Ouch! Using the stamps was ok copyright wise, but the Japanese compagnie using them too, made the copyright question tricky if not complicated. I was truly sorry to be the messenger of bad news!

So...I decided to have a little fun. I made some fake stamps, inspired by some antique photos of Victorian boys Deborah had on her website.  I didn't take the old stamps and change stuff :no. I did them from scratch!



Here they are, totally new, and free of tricky copyrights problems. I recreated the stamped paper, quadri color way of printing, and even made a new Photoshop brush reproducing the way the paper absorbs the ink. I drew the little boys and girls in a similar style. So much fun. 

These pictures are not free of rights...Except if you are Deborah and delights me one day after another with cool links and inspirational pictures!  


En résumé: j'adore le blog de Deborah, et j'étais désolée d'être le porteur de mauvaises nouvelles. Une compagnie Japonaise avait aussi repris un design libre de droits qu'elle utilise comme bannière, rendant les problèmes de copyrights inextricables...Donc pour faire avancer les choses, je me suis attelée a ma Wacom et j'ai fait des images du même style. Comme ça c'est bon, on est tranquilles, Deborah peut s'occuper d'autre chose et moi je peux me régaler à la lire. A moins que vous ne soyez Deborah, ces images, comme toutes celles de mon blog, ne sont pas libres de droits.