Crafty Christmas

Christmas is crafty this year! When I opened the box of trimmings it was almost empty, and it was impossible to find anything...So I apply took my scissors and paint, grabbed the glue and chiyogami paper, made a low budget trip to Michael's, scrutinized my RSS feed and Pinterest board for ideas, and here we are , crafty Holidays!

I first paid a visit to Martha. These holiday ornament are quite sophisticated, but easy enough to be done by the whole family. I bought clear plastic baubles for le petit, and glass ones for the adults, and we didn't make to much of a mess. 

 Here we are, so pretty!

Then I grabbed my favorite chiyogami papers and made some paper baubles. I found the making of these really soothing and ended up making 7 or 8 very large ones. 


But I wasn't finished! No! I bought some plastic fruits, covered them in glue, and sprinkled them with glitter. I know the trend is to do this with animals, but with a four years old in the house, it didn't seem realistic to follow the trend. My husband and son joined the fun and we happily sprinkled the dining room with glitter, under the amazed eye of my mother in law. I'm sorry I'm quite childish and not very much into house keeping her way.

But to my point of view, what turned the best is the display of a painting from my dear uncle Bernard Coffin, my placemats, cute vases, cooking books, my husband's gift of flowers and my son's play prototypes for my next book...Maybe a bit on the spring side, not very much Xmassy, but so cheerful, I love it:

Any way, with absolutely no chances of a white Christmas here in Santa Monica, a cheerful spring is a cute holiday vision!

Happy holidays to you!